jegie carrera

madison, wi

ModCulture Magazine - Next issue Oct 15, 2018. ModCulture Magazine - Expression of Modern lifestyle, fashion and business in the Midwest. Based in Chicago, IL, USA -- Created by Carrera Co/Jegie Brand.
ModCulture Magazine issue 4 prints yearly and maintains an online feature at We feature Jegie Brand's newest fashion, pageantry, fashion shows, preferred Lifestyle Business in the midwest and more. ModCulture will be distributed to boutiques and fashion outlets in the US, Europe, South America and Asia. It will feature more than 12 Chicago based models, also featuring Illinois Beauty Queens and Title Holders, and businesses in the Midwest.

Experience the world how we see it, get involved by becoming a model, featured business, article contributor or featured venue! contact: JEGIE@CARRERACO.COM

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