Luís Matos


"B-side Bio"...

In my free time, I invest a lot in reading, I've written two books and a travel blog, and I've dedicated some energies to sports, photography, cinema and electronics. I'm also a radio-amateur ("CT2GOT") and member of the "Portuguese Federation of Touristic All-Terrain". I like to travel and to plan, prepare and enjoy a different mode of family travel, in a "4x4" classic vehicle, starting and returning to Portugal, in which we have already visited 30 countries in two Continents (out of a total of 36 countries where we have already been).

Occasionally, I've also taught, wrote and collaborated in the writing of management books (e.g., “Disrupção Digital na Gestão de Pessoas”, "New Humanator", "Humanator XXI", “Empresas Familiarmente Responsáveis”) and wrote several management essays, papers and case-studies (e.g., "The Jaipur Foot", three years a ‘The Case Centre’ best selling case).

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