Belinda Letchford

Kununurra, WA, Australia

Belinda and Peter have raised four children - who are now pursuing their individual interests. They live in the far north of Australia (on the west), on a small farm. Peter is a vet and flies the vast area of the top end of Australia servicing cattle stations. Belinda has been a stay at home mum, homeschooled the kids, and blogger. Over the years she has become speaker, coach and mentor to parents both in her community and online. Belinda's passion is to see parents be intentional in creating strong and connected families - and that starts with understanding the importance of the heart.

Belinda likes to scrap and is working hard at reviving her sewing and patchwork skills from years long ago! If you visited Belinda you would be welcomed into a family home, with family mess and activity - but always time for a cuppa and chat (and yes, you could take that as an invite...)

Books by Belinda Letchford