The Collective LLC

Los Angeles, CA, United States

“The Collective” is a Los Angeles based creative group that is dedicated towards creating a better, more enlightened society. From creations in music, photography, magazines, and other creative outlets, “The Collective” has the goal of using its creations to further the consciousness of humanity while contributing art that commands authenticity, ingenuity, and innovation. Consisting of members Christian Crumble (coolcupofwater), Kayla Denise, Kevin Girard, Karina Gutierrez, Daniel L., and Leah Rodriguez, and continually expanding and showcasing the works of creative individuals in the world, “The Collective” is on a mission to create the concrete, illustrate to intolerance, and retaliate in response.

Areas of Expertise

Art, Photography, Magazines, Clothing, Etc.

Books by The Collective LLC