Filippos Marinakis

Athens, Greece

Filippos Marinakis, a Greek native, residing in Athens, Greece, studied 4,500 manuscripts of Lionardo da Vinci and around twenty sciences in order to write the historical fiction novel; meanwhile, he was a Development Executive for Mega TV in Greece for eight years, and responsible for some of the most loved TV-Series, such as “The Royals,” “Don’t pay the Ferryman” and “Sweetheart Lakis,” among others. He has graduated from Athens College, the Athens University of Economics and Business, and from the prestigious A.F.I. in Los Angeles for his Master’s Degree in filmmaking, with his great loves being the magic of love in general, the solving of mysteries, philosophy, humor, history, travelling, aesthetics, sports, the free expression of honest people, and a balance in society.

Books by Filippos Marinakis