K. G. Iverson

NorCal, USA

I live with my young family in NorCal, and we dream of settling close to the coastline. When not nestled among my family, or working in the studio, I watch bad teen dramas and read even worse YA urban fantasies. ... and I compulsively design planners (I know weird).

If the Bay Area sky shows fog, I usually drive into the hills to smell it. I like to describe things with words and color. A fine-art printmaker, formally trained in lithography & other photo printmaking techniques, I hold an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. I worked for years as a studio manager for an established international artist, piecing teaching and art handling contracts into the gaps.

Leaving the workforce I took a high-stakes position called motherhood. I wasn't expecting to gain personal structure and a complete sense of self like I did. Multiple pregnancies and several children later... here I am. Making, showing, growing on repeat.

Books by K. G. Iverson