Jacque' Allen


The Actress & Model, and Volunteer Native Teacher, is just the tip of the Iceburg. She is also an Author, Serial Entrepreneur, and Top Ranked Podcast Host with a passion for learning, traveling, and helping women become the best versions of themselves. (Shift and Uplift Podcast: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life.

As a highly-driven renaissance woman, Jacque’ is very proactive in seeking improvement opportunities both professionally and personally. She believes in doing what is best for the business by exploring creative innovations and properly networking to forge connections that turn into sales.

Her business savvy has also earned her the esteemed honor of receiving the keys to the city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Inspirational, relate-able, and always approachable, Jacque's "keep it real, while keeping it cute" attitude is the refreshing approach that allows her to genuinely connect with audiences everywhere.

With determination, love, and support everyone can win!

Books by Jacque' Allen